Thursday 12 March 2015

Co-intel blog explaining the Spin Puppeteers = Tavistock operation: - Chris Jarvis Discussing Belinda McKensie et al on fb thread but appears hidden

Chris Jarvis
6 March at 00:47 · Edited ·

With regard to Hollie Greig I would like to point out that there is a lot that does not add up.

The story of 'abuse' has never been consistent; it has never taken in to account that Hollie may have had one boyfriend or more that would account for a medical examination that would give findings of sexual activity, and most importantly between Anne Greig, Robert Green, Brian Gerrish, Belinda McKenzie and COMPANY (LOL) the story has never been told factually correct, has pre-empted the outcome of trial(s) therefore subverting and prejudicing trial(s), in the mean time making lots of money for them in donations and to what end?

Hollie Greig at the very least should have had her identity kept secret. To reveal her name did nothing but add a name to a campaign that would otherwise have been ANONYMOUS and in turn by using that name it has exposed Hollie to mental abuse, and advertised her as someone that might not be believed to peadophiles.

Meanwhile many people forget about Hollie and get caught up in all the energy of pitchforks and torches, while forgetting about the principles of justice, "innocent until proven guilty" and assist bringing in a "guilty until proven innocent" system by their own stupidity and ignorance of facts, thereby creating a future system of slavery for their children, which could be reversed, now, if you have not already realised.

It is interesting that a friend in conversation recently pointed out that the Jimmy SaVILE peadophile exposure was not in the public lime light at that time, and equally it was put on the table that it could be linked, and, possible in such a way that those in the current peadophile scandal alternative media outlets may well have been in full knowledge of what was about to be revealed ! ! !

What do you think about it?
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Louise Clarke i think i want to save my comments to later,,,but want to be on this thread,,,,i think I currently dont have a name for the operation i see unfolding before my very eyes,,,,,,but i see it's an operation,,,,,and it's evil,,,,pure evil..
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Chris Jarvis Louise, I meant to write here when you originally posted but got side tracked, there is a known government project called "pied piper", I am not sure if the Hollie Greig lie is part of it, but it would appear so as there is a fiddle being played, and now with the Hamstead Hoax, and people are following blindly to the tune being played.
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Louise Clarke yes,,,,,but see this,,,,,i dont question that what the children are saying is true,,,for i know these things go on,,and the children feel very real to me,,,but i see it was after the mother sacked 2 barristers she was steered towards belinda,,,,and well they were oh so willing to take her case,,,and share her evidence,,,,,,and not to her wishes but to theirs
she was being used in my opinion and her children for a bigger agenda ,,which we are now seeing played out,,,,,,
like a theatre puppet show,,,,,,,,and the' truther' puppets are all in place,,,,,,,to use yet again the victim puppets ,,,,,,its same ol same ol game,,,,,meanwhile much is going on behind the stage,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,like holding centres coming to an area near you very soon,,,,,,like as soon as it kicks off maybe,,,,,,
,,maybe to be run by serco,,,,who knows,,,maybe richard branson will buy some childrens homes,,,,,and also we loosing our human rights as all plays out to an audiance who dont want to believe that satantic ritual abuse goes on....and nor that we have Government mind control going on big time...................
,,,and no belinda has never acknowledged me ever,,,,,,not many truthers do,,,,,,,,,,,,,, seems my case is of no interest or significance,,,,so there ya go,,,,,
you do the maths
but,,,,,I dont know of pied piper,,,no,,,,but yes the puppeteers like entertaining the public,,,with smoke screens and mirrors......divide and rule,,,,,,,is their way,,satans way,,,,but i say unite and conquer,,,,,,, unity through diversity
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Louise Clarke need i say more.

"Louisa, i tried shooting a video, but this damn thing ran out memory so video to be made later, she has much to say, that we need to know x"
Araya Soma with Louise Clarke

Louisa, i tried shooting a video, but this damn thing ran out memory so video to be made later, she has much to say, that we need to know x
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Chris Jarvis Are you aware of Belinda's links with MI5? She has regularly had Annie Machon round her place with David Shaylor who even lodged with her for a while, the reason I raise this is given the MP peadophile ring in operation they need to deal with it somehow and things like this distract from the government peado scandal, and I know they are supposed to be ex-MI5 but I do not believe that for one minute.
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Louise Clarke oh no ,,i didnt know that,,,,so they are ex MI5 and she is good friends with them and has them around her house,,,,even to stay,,,,,hmmmmmm many it seems go round her house,,,,which i note is very near Hampstead
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Chris Jarvis Yes, I was once lurred in to the hornets nest when I did not know who she was, she has a house a couple of doors down from the Highgate Tube station which is perfect I am told for smuggling people and covert meetings.
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Louise Clarke hmm smuggling people ,,,,where to i ask??????
i heard she had kevin annet there,,,,bill malony,,,,and well this interests me,,,,
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Chris Jarvis Well she had me there too, which does not say a lot for me does it? lol, on the other hand is the trap door that is alleged to be there to the basement where it is alleged that there are bunk beds, by the way I have been given this information and cannot verify it, although I do believe my source and they might chime in if this gets interesting enough, although the fact of it being a couple of doors from the tube means that people come and go with very little witnesses.
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Louise Clarke ohh,,,,so what did you feel when in her house,,,,what did you note,,,yes please to other contributing,,,,for i have heard she has access to underground base in her back garden,,,,,,and apartments,,,and well that make her out to be top banana,,,,,but as for you going there ,,,,that is significant ,,,,cos why i ask,,,,how did that come about,,,,yes i want to know all on these players cos they leading us to the slaughter i do believe,,,,,
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Chris Jarvis It was back in 2011 when I helped a certain Norman Scarth to get out of Jail and I was "invited" as a place to stay by a certain 'click' of people that made friends with me, I ended up camping in what another friend calls her "secret room", a room at the end of her garden far away from being seen. The feeling I got was of being watched, I clearly remember it as I stated to my friend that there was a window that was deliberately blacked out as if it had a camera or someone behind it. I was also set up to have an accident in the traffic by "ayem" AKA Amy Johnson, who did something behind my back when her and my friend went out for pizza, when we got back, after I ran in to the traffic, she nodded her head to Belinda as if to say that "it works", and others have insisted to me that black magic is used by Belinda too, but can I prove any of this without looking crazy? NO, which is why they get away with what they get away with. It is a whole lot more complicated than what I write here, but there is my experience in a nutshell.
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Chris Jarvis I should add that my campaign to get Norman out of Prison was massive, international and this is why I got the attention from them. See this video I am on it, my fifteen seconds of fame, lol

Life of silence for loose-lipped 85 year old WW2 veteran?
Life of silence for loose-lipped 85 year old WW2 veteran?
British prisons are full to bursting. Courts are working...
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Louise Clarke oh yes i have seen when those practicing black arts do their thing on the street and nod to who is calling the shots when job is done,,,,,yes,,,,and the secret room sounds like the shed at the end of the garden,,,,so if so ,,,,how many doors did it have,,,can you describe inside the room,,eg colour ,,smell,,,,shape ,,anything that stood out....yes the blacked out window,,,hmmm did the room feel smaller inside than out,,,,
and yes i watch her behave like a psychic vampire always wants to touch the victims when they cry,,,and she is so draining ,,,,,,,no energy of vibrance does she give off,,,yet she profiles like a fighter,,,,,but look at her posture in my photo,,does she look like a fighter for freedom,,,,,why dont she acknowlegde me,,,,i know that persona from social services etc,,,,and when they would be in my presence they hated me,,,,and i used to video them if they came in my house,,,the that showed them to have like a snarl and twitch when they pretended to smile,,,,it must of burned them inside to be around me,,,,cos i smile constantly hahahahhahahahah and so they had to be nice too
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Chris Jarvis Louise, given what I know I think the reason that you are ignored is because you are your own woman, you cannot be controlled and they like you to be like putty in their hands. The room at the end of the garden, or "shed" was made of breeze block, full electrics, fridge, telly, radio, bedding, gym equipment, and painted white, small slit windows. It was actually the window in the conservatory that was blacked out in her house, near the kitchen, and the reason I raised this is because it was not blacked out the following day, as if someone had placed a screen there while we were chatting and talking in the conservatory before bed, all of us on the old vino, and someone suggested to me that Belinda was a swinger and that I might fancy her, and whilst I am a hetrosexual male with red blood, I did not see the attraction.
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Louise Clarke hahaha well she must switch for swinging hahahahhaa
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Louise Clarke yes i am told that these folk stay away from me cos they only like the vunerable,,,and yes no one that i know of controls me,,,only Jesus Christ and they dont like him either,,hahahah
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Chris Jarvis Funny thing is her Iranian husband was there too, but then again that is swinging isnt it? Are you aware of Iran Aid, and the five million quid that went through her bank account, and despite this finding being made by the charities commission she had no penalties and walks around scot free, which means she is part of "the club".
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Louise Clarke ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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Louise Clarke no i wasnt
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Louise Clarke the room sounds like a place to live,,and well whom would use the gym equipment i ask,,,for she dont look like she does exercise,,,,,hmm to the black screen,,,,would a camera film through it,,,,or was it to hide what was going on outside,,,like once it was blacked out could you see outside??
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Chris Jarvis The gym equipment was probably for visitors to keep fit, after all MI5 is military and they love exercise, only guessing. I think the black screen, given it was evening time was to protect the "eyes" from being seen by the like of me. Look up the Iran Aid thing, as apparently it was supporting a terrorist organisation, which again she walked away from scot free, and nobody knows where all the money went. Yes five million went through her personal bank, but there were millions more unaccounted for.
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Louise Clarke true no intelligence agent can be fat,,,
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Chris Jarvis I saw that you were on the video on the link you provided stating that you were breaking the silence on MK Ultra, treat me as if I am an ignorant so and so, have you experience programming, or attempts? I have
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Chris Jarvis Private message if you like as it might be too personal.
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Louise Clarke yes ,,,,i was programmed,,maybe still am,,,,but deprogrammed the vital bits i believe concerning my front self beliefs,,,,,i dont hide it ,,,,here is a video i made on,,,you may

Illuminati, Demons, Mind Control V's Jesus Christ
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Chris Jarvis I have had holographic technology planted at my previous home along with various spy equipment, presumably to watch my reaction. They have tried every trick in the book with me, including stealing my children. I have won the battle so far, the question is, have I won the war?
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Louise Clarke oh i dont know anything about holographic tech,,,,,but please say,,,,,yes they stole everything i had from me,,,,,too,,,,,the battles aint ours but the Lords,,,,,which yes I do tend to win through his will,,,,,,the war,,,,i suppose depends on what you see the war is,,,,i think its for global control,,,,,and no they wont win it,,,but they will do a lot of damage to the human race trying
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Chris Jarvis It is all "masonic", although they are not all bad, this was drawn to my attention by a masonic whisleblower a man on the inside who was appalled at what was going on, apparently because I had pissed someone off, perhaps you also pissed someone off?
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Louise Clarke hahahaha
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Louise Clarke yes we may piss some off,,,,,cant please everyone no....and its all a game,,,we are pieces ,played with,,,,so has to be losers
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Louise Clarke can hear the helicopters are out....
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Chris Jarvis I think the key to defeating the dark forces is to shine a light on them, and like bugs they will scurry under the rocks until the light is gone.
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Louise Clarke yes
'But everything exposed by the light becomes visible--and everything that is illuminated becomes a light.'
Ephesians 5:13
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Jayne Dale what about that woman AYEM? was she involved with belinda.?
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Chris Jarvis Ayem was staying in the "laundry room" and had a bed there.
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Louise Clarke i have heard that name ,,,,maybe years ago,,but i cant recall why,,,,,,is she some like gurusort of woman,,,please remind me
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Chris Jarvis Ayem is possibly MI5 too, she is David Icke's publicist or was by all accounts.
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Louise Clarke ohhh,,,ok,,,,
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Louise Clarke then she will be a puppet for sure,,,,where did she go,,,what did she do?
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Jayne Dale she went to that norman scarth appeal with you ,i can remember London.
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Jayne Dale she lives in Lverpool now as far as i know
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Chris Jarvis Ayem, was also on the first videos publicising Hollie Greig, and claims that there is satanic abuse here, there and everywhere, with not a shred of proof, just hysteria, I used to call her "MAYEM" and a good man who has sadly passed called "Loki" used to agree with me and we laughed about it.
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Jayne Dale I know lol
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Louise Clarke hahah
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Jayne Dale Yes they are all dodge pots,like that micheal and Elanor from passing clouds .
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Louise Clarke i reread and find interesting how you say hysteria,,,,,and i think of how sabine does hysteria and no facts in human courts of justece,,,or what ever they are called,,,,,,,is it simular play???
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Chris Jarvis Which brings me sadly on to my original assertions, if you remember Jayne, that there was something weird and wrong about Loki's passing, and I think in my heart of heats that AYEM had something to do with it, black magic and all. I can never prove it, but I know it.
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Jayne Dale yep
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Jayne Dale BCG as well
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Chris Jarvis I think Loki knew too much and became in the eyes of those that do not want you to know, "a liablility" he was a good man, he spoke from the heart and called a spade a spade, and with hindsight he saved me from the dark spiral of doom.
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Chris Jarvis We had a laugh, and that is what I will always remember.
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Chris Jarvis Anyhow, the BCG are a crock, pushing "lawful rebellion" which has NEVER been law, I am going to explain this in detail at a later stage, but what I will say is that "civil disobedience" is the way, it is what Ghandi used to gain independence under British rule, and law.
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Jayne Dale Birkenhead was a set up.That was allowed to happen
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Louise Clarke found this its yummy
Robert Green and Ayem thanking hollie and anne for their bravery.mp4
Robert Green and Ayem thanking hollie and anne for their bravery.mp4
This was an invitation to meet and thank hollie and...
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Chris Jarvis Of course it was, it is a pity that Rusty was compromised by Ayem, otherwise we would be friends right now, he was used and abused, Roger the Dodger wanted nothing to do with Rusty when he got locked up. If you are in contact with him Jayne let him know that I send my best wishes and would like to chat some time soon, he is a good man.
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Louise Clarke she describes how they operate,,,,,they love irony......
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Chris Jarvis Louise, just watched the video, and it is interesting how 'professional' Ayem appears in comparison with the stooge known as Robert.
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Louise Clarke different roles,,,
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    Chris Jarvis yes, one is the cannon fodder, and the other the officer, lol
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    Louise Clarke
    Write a comment...

today 12 March I now have these,,,

Mother`s Day at Speaker`s Corner with Belinda Mckenzie

she says the Paedo's should be put in cages until they cry,,,,,

and this

The following days thread

Part 2

The Following day 12 /3/15 I posted the first blog on my profile and this thread continued on the

12 March at 08:43 · 
Louise Clarke here's companies house

BELINDA MARGARET MCKENZIE - free Company director check 908811676|By company check ltd

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Louise Clarke here she is
Belinda McKenzie telling a gentleman to shut up for...
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Louise Clarke this is longer,,,,,she says the nonses need to go in cages until they cry

you will need to click on title to get to link for it is not coming up in search via blogger........
Mother`s Day at Speaker`s Corner with Belinda Mckenzie

she says the paedos need locking in cages in the zoo,,,until they cry
Mother`s Day at Speaker`s Corner with Belinda Mckenzie
This is the truth behind Belinda McKenzie. No one to...

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Louise Clarke i updated the blog with these now,,,,thanks for the links folks
'the truth will set us free' quote Jesus
12 March at 13:15 · Like

Louise Clarke that's the way the money goes....................pop goes the weasel
Gordon Bowden 01 03 2015
Gordon Bowden at Trafalgar Square 01/03/2015 talking about the corruption ...
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Chris Jarvis Louise, just picked this up and typing it here so everyone can see. I do not mind, in fact I am pleased that you are getting this out there.
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Louise Clarke oh thank you,,,,I knew I was sticking my neck out,,,,but felt I should take the risk,,,,and face the concequences,,,,,(cant spell. dyslexic alter must be typing ) for the truth needs sharing for we are being played globally up the garden path and it aint going to eden,,,but to horrific ends ,,,,,and these players are in place to bring that in,,,,i tried to speak last week outside the Royal Courts of Justice,,i charged my video camera battery but it was dead when i switched it on there,,,,,then i managed to speak on video,,,,but each attempt was not happening,,,the first was not enough memory,,so the Araya Soma removed some of her other videos and tried again,,we did 3 times,,but only 2 worked when she tried to upload,,,,here they are.......but yes i did and do try to make my views heard but well,,,,here it is,,,
Lou, RJC 6/03/15
again not allowed to get i will put link for you to click  Lou, RJC 6/03/15
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Louise Clarke and
Lou at rjc 6 th march 2015
nor can i post this video i speak in,,so click this link  Lou at rjc 6 th march 2015
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Louise Clarke well i would like to add here it has come to my attention that on this site,,,,,with a very interesting name,,,,
4 Children & Families | Protecting Children and supporting healthy families
» Blog | Protecting Children and supporting healthy families
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Louise Clarke that this video exists ,,, only 73 views and 2 likes,,,,hmmmmmm

'ave a listen ....
TKF - McKenzie Friends
Belinda McKenzie and Sabine McNeill of the Association of McKenzie Friends discussing the UK’s...
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Chris Jarvis Brian Pead is another false story teller by all accounts, he is mentioned on the knight foundation website.
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Louise Clarke ok i havent heard his story,,,,
13 March at 11:00 · Like

Louise Clarke 2,mins in sabine says how she made website for Musa family without them even knowing,,,,
13 March at 11:02 · Like

Chris Jarvis Another point is I keep seeing them abbreviating phrases down to a few letters, this may be evidence of witchcraft in action as I have read books on this where you remove letters from words and put the letters together with intention.
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Chris Jarvis Let's not forget that Sabine is a CERN technician and gets involved in "abuse" and "satanic" labelled cases, with that in mind have a look at this
CERN film "Symmetry" Exposed illuminati END OF TIME RITUAL (R$E)
Occult meaning of the CERN film & dance, Symmetry....
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Chris Jarvis and this
CERN: END OF TIME/SPACE Propaganda on TV! (R$E)
EXPOSED: How we are being subliminally shown the...
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Louise Clarke yes like lol ,,,light of lucifer,,,,,etc,,,,, and yes spells are done with words,,,,i see that as the motive behind twitter limited number of characters used and also i add ,,,some cues to trigger alters can be like letters eg U,,,,or a sequence of,,and it can be hidden in plain sight...
13 March at 11:06 · Like · 1

Louise Clarke yes she is a super computer wizz,,,,and creating networks,,,,,,she says in in her poor court of human rights video,,,,,and i know her programming i believe cos i have the same,,,and she creates like search engines to find all things,,,and also has the position and knowhow on how to make things be at the top of searches or not,,,,,and well considering that she created the search engine i believe to find all paedo stuff ,,,then how comes she dont find me,,,,
13 March at 11:09 · Like · 1

Chris Jarvis Sabine has also been involved in writing software that can measure energy, and with all of this in mind I think she may well be a field agent for the agencies involved in CERN still and Belinda McKenzie would be her ticket to gaining access to such cases of abuse as with the amount of publicity that Belinda gets, there can be no doubt that there will be loads of people who have gone to her asking for help with their own stories of abuse etc, as I have had loads of people come to me over time, but I cannot help them all and have chosen to not get involved in cases now anyway, but am concentrating on exposing people like Sabine and Belinda as it is a spiritual war we are in.
13 March at 11:11 · Edited · Unlike · 1

Louise Clarke for sure it is a spiritual war,,,but people cant see cos they are being programmed to believe in Aliens,,,,and ELF,,,,,and well demons can do all that ELF does,,,cos its all say like now i would see Sabina knows very well,,,,,cos all is about energy and electricty,,,hence my battery was flat,,,,,no surprise there,,,, i drew it to try to show people ,,,here is my drawing
"For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Ephesians 6:12"
Louise Clarke

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.
Ephesians 6:12
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Chris Jarvis I have experienced things like fully charged batteries going flat with no reason too, but up until having this conversation I had not related it to the spiritual aspect which makes more sense now, and especially with what I involve myself in.
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Louise Clarke yes if i try to do what its not wanted of me i have to fight,,,but therefore have learnt many ways to go around,,,or not to fight,,,,,,programmed to anyhow,,...........................
13 March at 11:20 · Like · 1

Louise Clarke yes demons work with electricity,,,they can blow you electric drain your battery or even drain you,,,,cos they live of our energy,,,,,and the puppeteers try to utilise our energy for their ends,,,,
13 March at 11:22 · Like · 1

Louise Clarke i can blow electric if i get to wired,,,,,i am like a conductor,,,,i a while back was asked to do a movie,,,on me,and met the director,,,but when i came away,,,,i was so charged i knew i had to leave london to get calm,,i packed and felt i would blow the electric of the house ,,then i drove ,,,my car was going crazy reving,without me doing anything,,,,,,i appeared like boy racer at traffic lights,,,,,,,people were looking at me,,,like i was revin hahhaha but once i got to the sea i parked and walked,,,and calmed and when i drove back my car was ok, and hasnt done again
13 March at 11:25 · Like · 1

Louise Clarke watching more of the video of B&S i posted today,,i see they are pushing MP John Hemmings as their man,,,,,,8mins,,,,sabine says not enough MP's to help us,,,so they still trust MP's.....well him.....and seem to blame the politician and not recognise the dirty sides of statatory ,,,oh dear
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Louise Clarke then belinda explains how they pick up vunerable parents whilst outside the courts of justice,,,,and grins as she describes people in a state of distress....
13 March at 12:24 · Like · 1

Louise Clarke Belinda says one of her colleuges,,,,dont say who,,,,whats to set up safe houses for foster children who run away,,,,hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ding ding ding,,,20 mins,,,in,,,,,,,,who is she talking about,,,
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Louise Clarke I've now added this thread to the blog,,,,
13 March at 13:35 · Like · 1

Susan Banga          belinda squirming

Not allowed this video so here is the link
Robert and Belinda at the Court of Session Edinburgh, May 1st 2013

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Susan Banga havent read all of this thread yet but hear john hemmings has dissociated himself from bullinda and shilline since the hampstead case
13 March at 13:41 · Unlike · 2
Louise Clarke when exactly did he do that,,do you know.....
13 March at 13:42 · Like

Chris Jarvis That explains why I have just seen a post by someone calling him a peado because he will not support the case, their usual tactic, anyone who disagrees with them is a peado, troll or bully.
13 March at 13:57 · Like

Louise Clarke ohhh
13 March at 14:07 · Like

Chris Jarvis If there was no money involved there would be no need for a company, and note, it is a limited company and NOT a charity.

Chris Jarvis's photo.
13 March at 14:25 · Unlike · 1

Louise Clarke and also it would need to be having a larger enough sum of money put in it to need to be LTD cos else can just be partnership,,,and not need to be on public register,,,, so how much and what is it for,,
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Chris Jarvis Anybody can start a limited company, but I remember an account once told me when I had a business to not bother registering unless I was going to be turning over tens of thousands of money.
13 March at 14:32 · Unlike · 1

Chris Jarvis Remember that HMRC can inspect their 'books' and government agencies share information, which means anyone who donates via paypal or gives their name and address will end up as part of their 'books' and therefore could end up on some register as funding domestic terrorism.
13 March at 14:33 · Unlike · 1

Louise Clarke yes thats my point ,,im self employed but dont earn enough to have to register,,,i searched for amount i think its about £50,000,,a year..found this site but only skimmed
Should I start a limited company? - FreeAgent
FreeAgent blog containing software updates, finance...
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Chris Jarvis It was incorporated on 17 March 2014 and their next financial accounts are due on 17 December 2015, therefore we will not know until after then, what they are 'reporting' that they have.
13 March at 14:51 · Unlike · 1

Louise Clarke thank you.. ,,,i do wonder about this donation aspect of these fake truthers cos us true truthers have nothing and are hidden,,and so im left wondering if there is like a money laundering scam to it,,,
13 March at 21:24 · Like · 1

Chris Jarvis Well as we have discussed previously £5 million quid went through Belinda's personal account in the Iran Aid charity that was closed down by the charities commission with no action against her personally to my knowledge which indicates that she is connected and can get away with these things, but then again she is connected is'nt she?
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part 3
The following days thread.

Louise Clarke ok im being told the woman belinda says wants to set up safe house for maggie tuttle who runsa charity with bill maloney.......but that cant work cos thats then government controled,,,,
14 March at 18:24 · Like

Louise Clarke here ya go
Maggie Tuttle (@Kids2BeHeard) | Twitter
Senaste tweets från Maggie Tuttle (@Kids2BeHeard). The voice for runaway children Looking to build a safe house...

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Louise Clarke
Monument for children that have been failed by or abused by authorities or the care system -...
This epetition is on behalf of Ms Tuttle I am asking for a monument to be erected, location to be decided, dedicated to all those children that have:-
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Louise Clarke and we loop back around to john hemmings
Children Screaming To Be Heard -
Children Screaming to be Heard Conference, Friday 25th July 2014, London (Morning Session) I would like to say...
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Louise Clarke which is a charity,,,,,and i already have spoken on how charity cant work,,

How Co-Intel operates Uk Rally against child abuse - the unheard truths
Please visit my website at
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Louise Clarke
Safe Houses for 100,000 Children - Children Screaming To Be Heard
‘Safe Houses’ for children running away from the abuse...
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Louise Clarke so i am seeing will be run like a revolving door,,,,,for trafficking out ,,,,,
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Louise Clarke clock the 'one eyed' child photo above
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Chris Jarvis Louise, the only bit is, and having met him too, I think John Hemming has been played by this bunch and I think he is a good guy, although this is my opinion based on my gut feeling, as MP's can be paid for speaking roles etc and he might have been paid to do what he thought was good work and landed in it so to speak.
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Chris Jarvis BUT you might be right, and I could be wrong, I have to be wrong at some point
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Louise Clarke well the spirit of truth is flowing so for sure i trust we shall come to know,,,
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Louise Clarke reminded me of a poem i wrote

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Louise Clarke whos andrew peachers?
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Chris Jarvis Andrew Peacher operates a radio show, I have met him on several occasions, comes across as a nice guy, wants access to his kids, I got his case back in to Court and he was warned by his local Police not to do shows on ongoing cases etc, he could not take their advice and I had to distance myself as he plays all sides and cannot put his children first. He plays the "I am a bit thick" card, when in fact he is very intelligent although he says he can take advice, but when it comes down to it, he cannot and thinks he knows best. He is a friend of Gerrish and all the common law court nutters.
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Louise Clarke ok well i didnt want to post the image as it is so triggering,,,but i feel i need to now,,,,so

Children Screaming To Be Heard's photo.
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Louise Clarke that is the top blog on maggies twitter
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Louise Clarke seen her name around too
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Chris Jarvis Not sure about Maggie as I emailed her recently to let her know that her association with Belinda McKenzie was not good and she emailed a right torrent of f***ing country this and f***ing country that. I think she is a victim of something or other and has turned to wanting money off people just like Belinda.
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Louise Clarke oh ok ,,,thats sad cos yes i do feel her,,like as if she is real,,but being blinded maybe,....
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Chris Jarvis BUT a couple of years ago she told me on the phone that she was organising a concert for the children and my recollection is a bit blurry but I am sure she said that Cliff Richard was going to be approached to take part.
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Louise Clarke oh dear i knew about him when i was a teenager..
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Chris Jarvis yes, blinded, or turned, as have most people that spend time with McKenzie, as she does work her 'magic' on them and the people you see before they meet her are different in some ways from afterwards, I was, but on my part I hope it is wiser, not played.
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Louise Clarke ok ,,yes she seems very high up
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Chris Jarvis Robert Green has been programmed in some way too in my opinion, I think he has a heart of gold and thinks he has done the right thing, as do most that have been programmed. Tony Farrell was got at too, I used to know him to speak to and now since his association with McKenzie lives as a tramp with no friends and no one believes what he says.
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Louise Clarke oh dear,,,,well i come across them after then cos i dont trust either
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Chris Jarvis Tony Farrell was once respected, which to me means that what he was saying was true and of course MI5 cannot have people going around saying 7/7 was an inside job or false flag can they?
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Louise Clarke well again the photo dont lie

Louise Clarke's photo.
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Louise Clarke i watched Tony Farrell first time witj Seven and saw him look like he was enjoying ,,, i have a thread on,,,,where i covered before
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Louise Clarke but yes we are all puppets in the puppet show for the elite,,,,
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Chris Jarvis What do you think about the choice of name of PIE and Mash films? As we know PIE can stand for Peadophile Information Exchange, which is a strange choice of name in any case, if old Bill (lol) was really against it, then perhaps he could have chosen a better name, but then again, old Bill wants an amnesty for peadophiles and works with old Bill (his words),
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Louise Clarke here's MASH
Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub - MASH - Nottinghamshire County Council
The MASH is the county’s first point of contact for new...
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Chris Jarvis Nice one, I wondered about MASH for a long time but never came up with any ideas.
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Louise Clarke i just ask for it as like initials,,,sort of thing ,,dont know proper word for,,,but this come up tops,,:D
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Chris Jarvis I might start to make some sort of diagram that links all these things together like a spiders web to make it easier for others to understand, as I imagine an outsider looking in on this might not fully get what this thread is about.
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Louise Clarke yes please do and post here
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